About Quantum Biology

The title “Quantum Biology” is somewhat misleading, precisely because quantum biology is an actual, burgeoning science that applies the physical rules of quantum theory to biology, such as how energy moves through a nervous system in a non-classical way. I’m hoping to bring some actual quantum biology to The Quantum Biologist, but in actuality I’ve set out to bring the freakiness of quantum biology to my background in ecology, creating something like a “weird animal” blog.

But not your average “weird animal” blog.

Instead of simply linking to the latest strange discovery from the zoological (and occasionally botanical) world, my mission is to use humor, poetry, rigorous science and questionable theories to showcase some of the Earth’s strangest and most fascinating life forms in order to prove that there is, in fact, a small universe ingeniously folded into our improbable planet.

This blog is meant to function as a fun ecology primer for adults who never took a biology class, and for the zoo nerds who love to talk shop. There will be whacked-out hypotheses. We’ll discuss bizarre animals for their own sake. We’ll talk about cryptozoology, supernaturalism, mysteries, and improbabilities. There will be hokum. There will be mysticism. You might find some dirty jokes. You will definitely find some poetry. And you might read, between the lines, a thing or two about the most bizarre creature I know, my own life.



7 responses to “About Quantum Biology

  • Lynn

    Nice to have found you. I’m looking forward to more.

  • Tara Lumpkin

    Hi, Your website was given to me by a mutual friend in Taos. I run a non-profit and she thought you might like to work for us. Izilwane, which means “animals” in Zulu, is creating a website portal that will focus on how we, as human beings, perceive ourselves in relationship to other species and nature. The goal of the site is to awaken our viewers, at a visceral as well as at an intellectual level, to the fact that we are embedded in our local ecosystems and the global ecosystem. We hope that it will become a forum where people from disparate backgrounds (from academics to laypersons) can exchange ideas and become leaders in conceptualizing new ways for us to interact positively with other species and the environment. I’d love to hear back from you.

  • Mark Anthony Anders

    Missing my thrice-weekly dose of Zoological strangeness. And just as I get my email account set up& can finally add my comments/questions you disappear! At least I’ve now caught up& read ALL your Archives! Have a great time over Yuletide& PLEASE hurry back in the New Year, Christian.

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